Chirsi-Route 111 Liestal-Laufen

A cycling tour for athletically-minded leisure cyclists who want to ride through the tranquil countryside, but who also enjoy stopping every now and then to try regional specialities.    

The Chirsi Route takes you along idyllic little roads lined with appealing landscapes. The route was given the name Chirsi (Swiss dialect for cherries) because of the region's many tall cherry trees, which are known throughout Switzerland as a hallmark of Baselland. When the fruit trees blossom in the spring, the picturesque hilled landscape turns into a veritable fairytale world. In the summer, when the aromatic meadows are full of cherry trees with ripening fruit, it is impossible to avoid the temptation of the trees' delicious bounty.

There are also plenty of rustic inns for a break along the way, too. Farms also tend to your creature comforts by offering tasty regional specialities. Finally, those interested in cultural history will be drawn to the quaint old quarters of Liestal and Laufen – both of which are Frohburg towns with medieval town centres.

Length | Number of stages
38 km | 1 Stage
Roads and trails
Asphalted: 31 km
Natural surface: 7 km
Ascents | Descents
950 m | 900 m
Fitness level