Aussichtsturm Liestal

The Liestal viewing tower is located on the Schleifenberg and offers a wonderful view of the Basel area’s county town and the surrounding communes.  

You can get to the tower on the Schleifenberg, known as the ‘Liestaler Hausberg’ (local mountain), easily on foot. The nearest bus stop is ‘Windenthal’, about a 25-minute walk away. On Sundays and holidays you are allowed to drive there, and there is a large car park at the Windenthal summit. The tower sits 606 metres above sea level and is 30 metres high. Entry is via a turnstile at the entrance and costs 50 cents per person. Next to the tower is the tower restaurant, where, on Sundays and holidays (apart from 1 May and 1 August), visitors can get something to eat and drink.  

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Aussichtsturm Liestal

4410 Liestal


Die Turmwirtschaft ist sonn- und feiertags von 07:15 bis 18:00 Uhr geöffnet.

Visitor's Pass

1 Softdrink/Kaffee/Tee bei einer Konsumation von mindestens CHF 10.-