Schloss Wildenstein

Wildenstein Castle and the neighbouring nature reserve—measuring 112 hectares—are home to famous, centuries-old oak trees, a testament to a cultivated landscape from the Middle Ages, part of which can still be seen today. 

Wildenstein Castle is the only preserved high castle in the entire canton. It comprises both a residential and a fortified tower. You’ll learn many interesting facts by taking a tour around the castle, and you’ll also gain an insight into what life was like there in earlier times. In the rocky crags under the castle, children can listen to the Saga of Kunigunde at an audio point. That way, a trip round the castle becomes an experience involving all the senses.
Some of the gnarled old oaks in the pasture forest of the Wildenstein nature reserve are as old as half a millennium. But the various gardens in and around the castle grounds also exude the same air of ancient times.  If you would like to know more about Wildenstein Castle and its 700-year history, you can also join a public tour of the former residential tower. 

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Schloss Wildenstein

4416 Bubendorf

+41 61 552 64 50

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