The ‘Läckerli-Huus’ in Frenkendorf is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth – an interactive experience for all the senses, where you also get to look behind the scenes.  

The ‘Genusswelt’ (World of Enjoyment) in the Läckerli-Huus in Frenkendorf is an exciting exhibition, which gives an insight into how some of the Läckerli-Huus sugar confectionery is produced. It is complemented by a series of short videos and informative graphics panels. Naturally, you also get to see how the delicacies are made by hand with meticulous attention to detail and then carefully packaged. And as this will all undoubtedly make your mouth water, you will also have the opportunity during the exhibition visit to sample the original Basler Läckerli and other Läckerli-Huus classics.  

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Flachsackerstrasse 50
4402 Frenkendorf

+41 61 264 23 56


opening hours

Monday - Friday:
10am - 6pm
(last entry 5pm)

10am - 4pm
(last entry 3pm)

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