The Ankenballen peak is to Baselland what Monument Valley is to Arizona: an impressive and much-photographed landmark.

The Ankenballen is a twin peak in the main ridge of the northern Basel-area Jura. To the north it is forested, while to the south it features a 50-metre-high ridge, on top of which sits a tower. The best spot from which to photograph the Ankenballen lies to the east of it, at the edge of the forest below the Spitzenflüeli, which you can easily hike to from Chilchzimmersattel. In this area you will also find the Hauenstein fortification, featuring bunkers from the First World War. Legend has it that the Ankenballen is made from fossilised butter (‘Anken’ is Swiss dialect for butter) that a mercenary herdsman back in the olden days was unable to sell.