Museum Pantheon

A visit to the Pantheon Basel in Muttenz is not just for petrol-heads: it contains an impressive collection of vintage cars of all types, models and makes – the largest such collection in Switzerland.   

The Pantheon in Muttenz will certainly raise the heartbeat of anyone who is into cars. Here is where you’ll find Switzerland’s largest collection of vintage cars. The spectacular, privately-owned vehicles are all displayed on a 250-metre-long ramp that winds its way around the top of the inside wall of the circular building. The Pantheon also organises special exhibitions, runs a vintage-car repair workshop, sells and leases vintage cars, and houses a stylish restaurant.

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Museum Pantheon

Hofackerstrasse 72
4132 Muttenz

+41 61 466 40 77

opening hours

Monday - Friday: 
10am - 5:30pm

Saturday - Sunday:
10am - 4:30pm

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