Augusta Raurica

Have you ever wondered what it was like to breathe the same air as the Romans? The Augusta Raurica scenic theatre is the best-preserved ancient site of its type north of the Alps.  

The first Augusta Raurica theatre was a multifunctional building, featuring a circular arena and small stage buildings, and was used for amphitheatre productions as well as stage plays. In around 110 AD, it was almost completely demolished and a second theatre erected on the same site – an amphitheatre that was used exclusively for gladiator battles, animal fights and executions. To maintain the alignment and visual connection with the temple opposite, the theatre was open on the western side. Because of the rapid growth of the town’s population, the arena was relocated to the outskirts in around 180 AD, and a third theatre was established in the town centre. This is the building that can still largely be seen today. As the best-preserved site of its type north of the Alps, the scenic theatre is used as an impressive backdrop for numerous events. Admission is free all year round.  

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Augusta Raurica

Giebenacherstr. 17
4302 Augst

+41 61 552 22 22

opening hours

daily from 10am to 5pm.

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