Sutters Chirsihüsli

In the Chirsihüsli in Kilchberg you can try: red and rosé cherry wines, lovely liqueurs, various spirits, 100% natural juices, dried fruit, jellies, honey and lots more.  

Sutter’s Chirsihüsli is part of Ueli and Margrit Sutter’s farming business, which is run according to Integrated Production guidelines. You can find out all about the various aspects of the business (farming, orcharding, hospitality) through events held on the farm. These interesting and engaging activities are all personally and genially presented by master farmer Ueli Sutter. In addition, you’ll get to experience daily farming life in an exciting and educational way.
The Kilchberg village museum was also set up by the Sutter family. Here, you’ll find ‘old’ objects shown in their best light and lovingly presented. Discover treasures from previous decades and centuries—and the stories that Margrit Sutter has about practically every one of them.
The Chirsihüsli is located in the middle of Kilchberg, right opposite the prominent and historical church.

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Sutter's Chirslihüsli

Hauptstrasse 61
4496 Kilchberg

+41 61 981 30 41

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