Siebe-Dupf Kellerei

As one of the leading wine producers in the Basel region, Siebe Dupf Kellerei AG offers a range of exquisite wines—produced locally, of course—but its shop also has a selection of around 400 wines from other parts of Switzerland and the world's main wine-producing regions. 

With state-of-the-art equipment and tank capacity of 500,000 litres, Siebe Dupf Kellerei is the largest winery in the Basel region. It maintains its own vines and ferments grapes from several communes. More than 100 winegrowers trust it with their grapes. It is well-known around the area for distilling smooth liqueurs.
The Siebe Dupf Kellerei is one of north-west Switzerland's leading wineries. Founded in 1874 as a wine business by Basel native Johannes Schwob, the company expanded in the 1950s to encompass viticulture, wine production, bottling and distilling.  

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Siebe-Dupf Kellerei

Kasernenstrasse 25
4410 Liestal

+41 61 921 13 33

opening hours

Monday - Friday:
9am - 6:30pm 

9am - 5pm 

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