Domaine Nussbaumer

With every sip of Domaine Nussbaumer wine, you are enjoying a true local original—one of a kind for more than 80 years. 

The vineyards of the Domaine Nussbaumer in the Klus valley are divided up into 15 parcels and cover a total area of 5.1 hectares of the commune of Aesch. The vineyards are cultivated according to the Integrated Production of Wine Grapes Guidelines, which are an important element of its winegrowing philosophy.  
The Domaine Nussbaumer has scheduled opening times throughout the year, or you can telephone ahead to make an appointment. Its specialities include its own wines and spirits, honey, jams, syrups and gift items, as well as tours and tastings.  

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Klus 177

Klusstrasse 177
4147 Aesch

+41 61 751 45 45

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