Brennerei Ernst Zuber

Practically every year, the Zuber distillery in Arisdorf is awarded various accolades for its fine brandies.  

The high-quality distilled fruit is processed in their own fermentation tanks. The distillery is the nerve centre of operations, where they do everything possible to do the fruit justice by making first-class products. This close partnership is also evident in the quality: fresh fruit, pressed immediately, retain their typical fruity characteristics.
The quality of the Zuber distillery’s products is the result of many years of experience, combined with a constant drive for continuous improvement. And so it is part of the Zuber philosophy to put its range forward regularly every year for national tasting competitions. 
The acclaim speaks for itself—a huge collection of prestigious awards for quality.
The specially designed bottles are hand-painted and unique in appearance.

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Brennerei Ernst Zuber

Mühlemattstrasse 20
4422 Arisdorf

+41 61 811 13 04

opening hours

Monday - Friday: 
9am - 12pm
1:30pm - 6pm 

9am - 12pm

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