Museum.BL in Liestal, a lively themed museum for children, young people and grown-ups, is innovative and appeals to all the senses.

Through its exhibitions, Museum.BL combines the present with history and local concerns with global issues – and it's a place where nature and art meet. As well as the many exhibitions, there is a wide range of events and guided tours. Museum.BL is housed in Liestal's old armoury, next to the Roman town of Augusta Raurica, and is the most important and largest museum in the canton of Basel-Landschaft. Together with Archäologie Baselland, it houses more than 2 million original objects in its collections, gathered from the realms of nature, archaeology, ethnology, art and photography. One of the exhibitions is on the silk-ribbon industry, once one of the biggest sectors of the economy in the Basel region. Museum.BL is known beyond the borders of the canton for its exciting permanent and special exhibitions.

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Zeughausplatz 28
4410 Liestal

+41 61 552 59 86

opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday: 
10am –5pm

closed on Monday

Visitor's Pass

50% discount on admission

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